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Mr. Sal Mangiacasale, Co-Principal & Senior Project Manager

As a founding principal and partner of Saddlebrook Management Consultants Inc., Mr. Mangiacasale has more than thirty years of successful project delivery experience.

His extensive industry experience, proficiency and success rating certainly qualify Mr. Mangiacasale as a project management specialist sought after by clients of Saddlebrook Management Consultants Inc.

From his early days as a construction superintendent, to his time as a senior project manager now, he contributes a wide range of knowledge and skill to multi-dimensional levels of the company.

With vast project familiarity, his assignments are typically significant in the technical aspect of working drawings and in his involvement with project consultants to develop details and techniques that perform and are cost effective.

Mr. Mangiacasale's role is prevalent on a day to day basis on all projects undertaken by Saddlebrook Management Consultants inc.